Anger, Forgiveness, and Transformation with Rev. Phil Smedstad


Anger, Forgiveness, and Transformation

4th workshop in our series with Rev. Phil

Saturday, August 24 ~10 am to 4 pm

A question nearly everyone asks at some point is,
"Why do I keep recreating painful patterns and limiting experiences in my life?"

According to Rev. Phil:

  • We are each creating our own reality according to our deepest beliefs and emotions.
  • Anything unresolved with our childhood parents will continue to recur in our current relationships until it is resolved.
  • Learning to become 'user friendly' with our anger and getting to deep forgiveness with people from our past is essential to an experience of our divinity.

Through lecture, discussion and gentle exercises you will have an opportunity to more deeply change your life from one based on fear to one based on Divine Love and true inner peace. Also, an optional breath integration session will be included at the end of the workshop.

Please bring a blanket, a pillow, and a towel for the breath integration session of you wish to participate. Also, please bring a dish to share for a pot-luck lunch.

A love offering will be received to help defray the cost of this workshop.

A sign-up sheet will be available on Sundays at the Connection Spot so that you can let us know you will be attending. For more information call the office at 805-966-2239.