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Relationships and Core Beliefs

Relationships and Core Beliefs ~

If there was just one gift God has given each one of us…what do you suppose is the one power that you have that can change everything?

This one singular gift from God that can change anything in your life…regardless of what has happened to you.

The answer is... Well let's just say, it has to do with your relationships. Yep! Your relationships hold the key! So come this Sunday and find out what that one gift might be!  

With Love,

Rev Cathy


The Empowerment Dynamic

The Empowerment Dynamic ~

Have you ever been involved in what psychologists call "The Drama Triangle?"  The three corners of this triangle are: Victim Rescuer, and Persecutor.  Most of us have felt like victims.  Most of us have tried to be rescuers, and most of us have also felt like persecutors on occasion.

How do we exit the Drama Triangle?  We decide to see ourselves and each other as the divine beings we are.  We commit to empowering each other and to being empowered by them.  Please join us this Sunday to learn how to practice "The Empowerment Dynamic."

The Joy of Service

The Joy of Service ~

What if service wasn't something we "should" do, but rather something we "get to" do?  What if there was always a way to include yourself as a receiver of what you give in service to others or to the community? 

Living a life of service is something our real, divine self loves to do.  It feels great to extend our love to others if done from a place of true contribution, and not from a place of sacrifice. 


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