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God Knows Why

There is perhaps no greater mystery in life or subject of endless speculation than the question of why things happen the way they do.  Unlike the other creatures with who share this planet, the human mind does not do well with the simple reality check that bluntly concludes, “it is what it is.” We demand

Resolve to Evolve

As we begin to etch our lives upon the clean slate of a new year, we may gladly release a difficult year, and lift a glass and our hope to a new year of possibility. I  can get caught up in the revelry of positive expectancy around the New Year, and allow myself the human pleasure of making a big deal about a moment in time. Of course, there is the sober view that living in time bounded thinking is spiritually untrue, and that change can occur anywhere along the continuum of time.

Jesus, the Man, the Mystic

This Sunday while I am away visiting family, we are delighted to welcome back Rev. Karen Wylie. Rev. Karen spoke at Unity in September and she was so well received by our congregation.
Rev. Karen will talk about Jesus. Here's what she shared will be the focus of her message:

Thriving Through Uncertainty

This Sunday we are privileged and blessed to have an extraordinary presenter share the Sunday message and an afternoon workshop on Thriving Through Uncertainty.  While I normally take the Sunday off when we have a guest speaker, I don’t want to miss this dynamic and gifted presenter and her timely message.

Advent of A Life Uncommon

Is Unity Christian? This question frequently arises when asked to explain Unity's philosophy.  The quick and easy answer is yes. The more accurate answer is yes and no. There are similarities, and many differences between Unity's understanding of God, Jesus and our relationship with both, and the traditional Christian belief.


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