Can I Get an AMEN!?

Can I Get an AMEN!? ~

Did you know….that the Universe is attending to your needs whether you’re aware of it or not? It works on your behalf at all times. You don’t have to earn it …It’s yours through grace!

So no matter what it may look like, everything in your life is working beautifully. I recently heard a story from a friend that puts everything into perspective.

Sometime back, I watched a YouTube Video with Esther Hicks from Abraham. Of which she mentioned that she frequently says: “Things are always working out for me.”

As soon as I heard her say it, I wrote it down and shared it with my friend.  She was looking for a home to buy.  She put a bid on a house that she thought was going to be her next home. Sure enough, someone came in and outbid her. Consequently she lost the house that she so loved. And she was very disappointed! But she remembered the truth, “Things are always working out for me”. She repeated that everyday…many times throughout the day!

Shortly thereafter, she found herself in traffic. So she decided to turn around to take a shortcut….and there was a real estate agent putting out a for sale sign on a home that she always adored!

She stopped the car, talked to the agent, saw the home…and bought it! Things worked out a whole lot better than what she could have ever have imagined!

 Try it! Give it a week and you’ll be amazed by what happens. Plans will change effortlessly. Life will get easier. Heck…you’ll be walking around with a big grin on your face as if you know some kind of secret!

Ready? Repeat after me: Things are always working out for me, things are always working out for me, things are always working out for me…

Yes, indeed! Your life is working beautifully!

Can I get an AMEN!? 

Infinite Love,
Rev. Cathy