Claiming Your Divine Heritage - Rev. Phil Smedstad



Saturday May 25 ~ 10 am to 4 pm

Led by Rev. Phillip Smedstad

This is the first in our transitional process

To claim our divine heritage means to live a life consciously realizing and expressing what Emily Cady called the Four Main Aspects of God:

Divine Love, Divine Power of Creation

Divine Wisdom and Divine Aliveness

At this workshop you will have an opportunity to learn how to:

· Promote both your own spiritual well-being and the health of this  spiritual community

· Identify and begin to release limiting personal beliefs which are creating your experience of life

· Receive the gifts you want from painful situations and relationships

· Love what you used to hate, including aspects of yourself and your life

· Stop holding yourself back from fully expressing yourself in life

· Clearly hear your Divine Guidance

In addition, you will receive a powerful tool to continue to transform your life far beyond the end of the workshop.

Rev. Phil Smedstad has led hundreds of transformative workshops over the past 35 years.  He brings acceptance, deep compassion, the wisdom from personally living everything he teaches, and a sense of humor to every workshop he leads.

There is no fee for this workshop, as it is a part of the transitional process and we want as many of us there as possible

Lunch will be a potluck so bring your favorite lunch dish to share!!