Communion - One with the One

 In Unity, and in the mystical heart of all major religions, Oneness emerges as a supreme foundational tenet. The notion that we are not isolated creatures but inseparable and at one with a universal spiritual reality is at the core of many faiths.   Isn't it ironic that a belief in oneness is a common denominator across the battleground of religious beliefs that are often comprised of bitterly embedded camps of righteousness, which go to war over their individuated differences.  While Oneness reigns as a supreme ideal, separation is the common perception and practice.
At the personal level, you and I make this choice in every moment; choices that separate us from Supreme Reality, and the oneness that is within us and all around us. Such choices do not cause an actual separation of course, since it is impossible to be apart from our essence, yet these choices create the experience of separation.  That's quite enough for us to create a world of opposites, of lack, limitation, right and wrong, you and me, them and us, have and have not; all the ingredients that have us clamoring and dueling over our share of the good.  It could be said that a dualist must become a duelist. While this illusion is being played out through a separate sense of self, in truth we remain in union with all an all providing Source that wants for nothing.
Communion, this topic for this Sunday's message, is the "I of the Storm" of separation, and it means being connected. Connected to life and to God. Join us Sunday as we look at the ways we separate and the path back to wholeness.
In Unity and love,
Rev. Larry