Eat Here Now - A Mindful Eating Group Program

Bride's Room

Eat Here Now - A Mindful Eating Group Program with Britta Gundmunson

Eat Here Now is a 3-month group program that combines group classes with private coaching to help you relieve stress, improve digestion and solve the mystery once and for all of how to eat in order to weigh what you want. Free yourself from the power food has over you! 
If you're always on the go, don't know how to slow yourself down and stuggle with stress in and out of the kitchen, this program was made for you! Enjoy this holiday season by feeling calm, energized and in control.

Join us in person or virtually from your home. Visit for details and registration.

Wednesday Evenings 5:30 to 7:00 pm ~ Twice a month ~ in the Bride's Room

October 10
October 24
November 7
November 28
December 12
December 19