Firing the Past, Engaging the Present

Although every day is a new day, rife with possibility for new beginnings, many of us mark the first of the year as a desirable launching point for change. It’s a chronological line in the sand of time where we can separate what has been from what might be for us. The New Year can be a time to let go of what has not served us and embrace a higher vision for living.

As the busyness of holiday preparations diminish, there is time to reflect on the past year and ponder our goals for the coming year. My experience with this process over the years has taught me one important truth; you can’t change the future by merely setting goals. Unless we prepare the soil of our minds, the new ideas will be like seeds sown on rocky soil…they will not take hold and grow. In Unity speak this idea is expressed through the two-pronged spiritual tool of denials and affirmations, where a denial negates the reality of an untruth, and an affirmation avows a new reality based on Truth. It is tantamount to sanding an old surface before applying a new finish.

What do we need to release or deny in order to prepare our minds for new possibilities? Everyone will have their own particular list of “untruths,” but generally speaking most of us carry beliefs about ourselves that are rooted in our own story, not based on factual reality nor spiritually true about the real Self. It’s been said that the biggest impediment to personal growth is not what we don’t know; rather it is what we know that isn’t so.

So before we begin anew let us take stock of the stale inventory and pull it from the shelves of our minds and hearts. Now is a great time for a clearance sale for items that clutter our consciousness and delay our destiny to realize and express our divine nature.

Join us Sunday as we look back with appreciation, depreciation, and release-iation, with gratitude for all that has served us, devalue what matters not, and prepare to release all that no longer serves our soul journey. Come again Sunday night for our traditional releasing service and ceremony when we’ll deepen the letting go process and symbolically release the baggage of the past in a bowl of refining fire.

Letting go, Letting God – a simple phrase that remains a powerful approach to spiritual living.


Rev. Larry