The I of the Storm

At every Sunday service, we affirm a Statement of Faith that declares there is “only one Presence and One Power in the universe and in my life, the Infinite, living, loving Presence of God.” We hold this truth to be the foundation of our faith, the one irreducible fact of our Spiritual Reality, the cornerstone of our Life in God, without exception.  It is from this empowering understanding that we are to embody an unshakeable knowing that we are One with the One, never separate and apart from the Infinite Love, Eternal Peace, Boundless Joy of our Divine Source.
If we are not experiencing the fruits of this knowing we must ask ourselves, is the premise of our faith faulty, or is there something in the way we are relating to life that is the source of what’s missing in our experience.  Those of us who have explored how our perceptions and interpretations shade our experience suspect our relatedness to what arises as the pivotal factor in our sense of wellbeing or lack thereof. 
If we are to take Jesus and every spiritual Master at their word that the Presence of God is never apart from us, no matter how threatening the prevailing winds of circumstances appear to us, then the importance of finding our way back to the sacred center of our own Being cannot be overstated. What could be more vital to our wellbeing, more transformative to our experience of living in this world that seems oppositional on so many fronts, than finding our way Home to wholeness that is our spiritual birthright and sacred refuge? This the theme of the Unity classic, “The I of the Storm, Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace,” by Dr. Gary Simmons, and will be the themes explored over the next 7 Sunday lessons.
The core principles in this text, are at the heart of the Q Process, which many of us have found so powerfully healing and liberating.  I could not be more enthusiastic to continue this journey of transformation guided by these enlightened teachings which manifest the kind of authentic spiritual growth that is the heart of our mission.  We begin this Sunday with the first talk, “Nobody and Nothing is Against You.”  Join us for the journey to greater wholeness and peace of mind.
Rev. Larry