Journey of Awakening

Introduction and Suggested Practices to our Fall 2018 7-week Program



We invite you to participate during the next seven weeks as follows:

©   Attend Sunday services  - If you have to miss, watch the lesson on our YouTube Channel or listen to the audio podcast on our website.

©  Join a Conscious Connection Circle for weekly discussion and connection with fellow congregants. There are groups that meet almost every weekday, some evenings, some during the day.  Groups begin the week of October 1 and continue through the week of November 11. Groups are full for this series.

©  Read the book -You may decide to purchase and follow along in the book that our series is based upon, You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening, by      Rev. Dr. Jane  Simmons. Available at the Unity Bookstore or on Amazon.

©  Follow the reading assignments outlined in the Study Guide – available in the breezeway on Sundays or you can download a pdf version here.

©  Ponder on your own or discuss with others. Contemplate/meditate on the questions to evoke your deepest truth and insights.

©  Use the affirmations throughout the week to support your highest intentions to remember the greater truth of who you are and help you break through to a brighter, better life.

©  Write in your journal any thoughts and feelings that arise during the week as you work with these ideas.  Let the writing be free and uncensored—keep the pen moving to allow for full expression—you may be surprised at the insights you reveal in this process.

©  Enjoy the process - remember this is a journey and the journey is the destination.  Stay present, stay conscious, stay the course. This is the way of the spiritual warrior, the path to awakening.