Join Us on the Journey - Become A Member


Our mission is to inspire people to  realize and express their divine nature.

If this sounds like a purpose you can get behind, you are invited to join our inclusive spiritual community.

There are two phases of membership in Unity, not unlike the two phases of a labyrinth walk. The first phase is called becoming a Community  Member. This is the ENTRY point of walking the labyrinth—the beginning of an intentional journey of deepening one’s own spiritual commitment and practice, as well as connecting more personally with others in our community. The second phase is called the RETURN and symbolizes the journey of becoming a Voting Member.
Community Member orientation meetings are scheduled at least two times each year. Those interested in becoming a Community Member must fill out a New Community Member Application and attend a Community Member orientation meeting. Upon completion of the orientation and application process, new Community Members will be officially recognized during the Sunday service following the Community Member orientation. Download the Membership Brochure and Application for full details and requirements 
Voting Members are officially received into our organization once a year, prior to our Annual Membership meeting. Community Members who have fulfilled their community member commitments for at least a year are eligible to make application for the Voting Member role. Once it is verified that the qualifications for the Voting Member role have been fulfilled, the application will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.  Download the Membership Brochure for full details and requirements 
Whether your time with us is for a little while or for a lifetime, you will find love, acceptance, kindness, and prayerful support in your journey of spiritual self-discovery. We welcome you on this journey! Email with your membership questions.
Next Community Membership Orientation TBD.