News from Your Unity of SB Board of Trustees - Updated Monthly

May 2019 News from the Board

1. Transitional Ministers
We are grateful to our wonderful new transitional ministerial team, Rev. Phil,
Transitional Minister Specialist and Rev. Cathy, Associate Transitional Minister
and the path they are taking Unity SB on in our transitional process. Stay tuned
for more updates and please join Rev. Phil’s monthly workshops. The first
workshop, “Claiming Your Divine Heritage” was a great success!
2. Update on Teams
Our teams are active and doing great work. Would you like to manifest your
magnificence and share in our community, then consider helping out the
fundraising team with the raffle. Contact Peggy for more info on getting involved

March 2019 News from the Board

New Board Officers
Our first Board meeting of the 2019-2020 Board was on March 12. We voted in new officers which are: Alison Jordan, President, Sarah Linares, Vice-President, Kathleen Donelan-Maher, Treasurer, and Cheri Nagle, Secretary.
Update on Interim Minister
We have been working with Rev. Carrie Kenyon from Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) who is assisting us in finding an interim minister. At this time, we are very close to formally hiring an interim minister who has significant experience and training as an interim minister. We are very hopeful to announce soon the interim minister and plan for the interim ministry process. Excellent guest speakers have been scheduled through April.
Click below for information on the Ministerial Search Process.