A Night to Remember - A weekly workshop with Jerry Matteo

Community Room

A Night to Remember

Presented by Jerry Matteo ~ Spiritual Awareness Facilitator

Friday evenings ~ 7 - 9 pm ~ Community Room

This evening will offer a preview of the "Oneness Remembered" program.
Enjoy a wonderful evening of self-study and contemplation as you explore who you are
and examine how you perceive yourself.
You are invited to embrace a shift in paradigm as you examine your connection with
every part of your life experience, as opposed to living in the illusion of separatism.
  • You will examine how (through your ego-mind's limiting, preconceived
    comparisons and judgements) you tend to isolate yourself.
  • You will examine how you have unconsciously altered and shaped your
    experience of life into it's current state
  • You will explore the Law of Attraction and examine how you can utilize the law in
    a more spiritually conscious manner. 
Being Self-aware means acknowledging your unlimited divine "Oneness."

For more information visit Jerry's website HERE   

805-637-2269 or send inquiries by email to info@OnenessRemembered.org