Our SpiritGroups will continue meeting through the week of June 12.  After a social gathering of each group, and a commmunity service project, we will have a All SpiritGroup Gathering and Celebration from 1:00 am - noon on Saturday, June 24. YOU are welcome to join this gathering, to get to know what SpiritGroups are all about. Talk with Joan Kershaw on Sundays or call her in the office 966-2239 or email her unity@santabarbaraunity.org.
Some SpiritGroups may meet socially through the summer and our next series will begin in September. We are grateful for our wonderful SpiritGroups leaders/facilitators and the many people who are hosting a group in their homes. 
If you have questions, please contact Joan Kershaw at unity@santabarbaraunity.org, or call 966-2239 (Unity) 895-8113 (cell). You may contact Joan in the Unity office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thusdays, 966-2239. 

Here are some of the ways SpiritGroups differ from a class, regularly scheduled event or other group we host at Unity:

·         Communion. Each group includes prayer and/or meditation as part of each group’s gathering.

·         Connection. Each group include time for food and beverage and fellowship before, during or after their gathering.

·         Compassion. Group members are to look out for each other, celebrate milestones and care for each other beyond the established gathering schedule.

·         Community. Each group is to engage in service to the greater community.

·         Challenge. Each group is to provide opportunities for members to set intentions for their own spiritual growth, and to provide timelines for checking in and providing accountability in the striving toward those goals.