SpiritGroups is all about caring connections and spirited conversations. In these supportive discussion groups, hosted throughout the community, members gain practical insights about spiritual principles that can transform their lives.

These small group gatherings will meet in people's homes or here on site at Unity. 8 or so people meet together, during the day or in the evening, offering opportunities to connect and to help expand every person's spiritual growth. SpiritGroups offer myriad opportunities for you to be more inspired on your path to realize and express your divine nature.  

Here are some of the ways SpiritGroups differ from a class, regularly scheduled event or other group we host at Unity:

·         Communion. Each group includes prayer and/or meditation as part of each group’s gathering.

·         Connection. Each group include time for food and beverage and fellowship before, during or after their gathering.

·         Compassion. Group members are to look out for each other, celebrate milestones and care for each other beyond the established gathering schedule.

·         Community. Each group is to engage in service to the greater community.

·         Challenge. Each group is to provide opportunities for members to set intentions for their own spiritual growth, and to provide timelines for checking in and providing accountability in the striving toward those goals.

Come and meet new friends or get to know long time friends better. There are social opportunities, commmunity service projects, celebrations and support. YOU are welcome to join a group or find out more about hosting a small group in your home.
If you have questions, please contact Joan Kershaw at unity@santabarbaraunity.org, or call 966-2239 (Unity) 895-8113 (cell). You may contact Joan on Sunday, or in the Unity office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thusdays, 966-2239.