Tapping into the Eternal You

This Sunday we are blessed to have a prolific author and New Thought minister, Rev. Karen Wylie share her wisdom and journey during our Sunday Service.
In her global ministry, Rev. Karen facilitates workshops, retreats, and ceremonies and speaks to spiritual communities throughout the world. She inspires her audiences to express their innate spiritual nature in all areas of their lives through authentic living.
This Sunday Rev. Karen will share a powerful message about Tapping into our Eternal Self.  About this message Karen writes:
The eternal you needs nothing to enhance it. It already has everything it needs. It lives in the (continues here)dynamic flow of the universe—the flow of love, the flow of peace, the flow of prosperity. It sees love where others see fear and anger. It is not caught up in the struggle and strife of this world.
You can only find this precious aspect of yourself by sitting in the quiet of your own soul. In the quiet, you begin to fall in love with yourself, but not from the ego’s point of view. You realize that you are one with the creative power of the universe. Your needs are met and you can rest in the assurance that you have nothing to prove because you are the proof. Through becoming less (in the ego’s perception), you in fact become so much more. You become the light that lights up the world!
She is an ongoing contributor to various inspirational publications, including Inner Visions magazine of the Agape International Spiritual Center, and the Science of Mind magazine.
An enthusiastic traveler and guide, Karen leads groups on sacred journeys to sites throughout the world, including the House of Mary and the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, the temples and major sites of Egypt, swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii and sacred ceremonies in Sedona, Arizona.
I know you will be inspired by this message for it is indeed the one thing we must come to understand and embody if we are to find lasting happiness and be free.
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry