Understanding the Ecology of Santa Barbara


Understanding the Ecology of Santa Barbara

Wednesday April 3 ~ Sanctuary

Desertification is a global event that turns healthy, thriving land into bare ground. It is happening here in Santa Barbara. The ever increasing mega fires and floods are symptoms of this. Our beautiful natural ecology can be healed.

Eric Adler is making a film about  the life story of Allan Savory. Born in Zimbabwe (called Rhodesia back then) in 1935, Allan has figured out how to restore the land from desertification and heal our ecology. Eric is asking people to come and learn about Savory's teaching and support this endeavor. Hopefully, the word will get out and we can start the process of regenerating the ecology of Santa Barbara and of the world.

Sponsored by One Season ~ for information contact Eric Adler at ea@oneseason.global or call 805-729-0821