Advent of A Life Uncommon

Is Unity Christian? This question frequently arises when asked to explain Unity's philosophy.  The quick and easy answer is yes. The more accurate answer is yes and no. There are similarities, and many differences between Unity's understanding of God, Jesus and our relationship with both, and the traditional Christian belief.
I know that some of you are independent thinkers who have no need to fit neatly within a particular definition or label when it comes to your spirituality. If that’s you, it may not matter too much how this question gets answered.  I also know that for many of you, you would like to understand the distinctions between the more familiar Christian doctrine, and the less familiar New Thought Christian or Progressive Christian interpretation that is Unity.  Especially when Christian holidays roll around, like Christmas for example.
This Sunday, December 2, is the first Sunday of the Advent season; the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. . We will begin a special series of lessons for the entitled, A Life Uncommon.  We will take time during the series, talking about Jesus; who is he is to us in Unity, and how his life and teachings inform our principles and practices, pointing out the variances with traditional Christian doctrine. These talks will be more than instructional; they will be inspirational as we unpack the deeper metaphysical meanings of Jesus' teachings that can help us live more extraordinary lives, right here and now.
During this series, we'll focus our inquiry on the key elements that distinguished the uncommon life of Jesus, the Christ; with each theme a principle that was demonstrated in Jesus' life, and, we believe, a potentiality in each one of us.  By looking at what was taught and demonstrated by this master of life, we find a path for us to follow; from a common life to the uncommon life:  A life of infinite possibility, limitless faith, unconditional love and grace. 
 We begin this Sunday with Uncommon Reality. Jesus called it the Kingdom of Heaven, some call it energy, some call it God, but by any name it is a realm beyond time and space, the realm of infinite possibilities, beyond appearances out of which all phenomena arise. It's been called primary cause, source of all that is, and pure potentiality. By whatever name, it is the field in which we live, and move and have our very being.   We'll see how Jesus describes this reality, and guides us to maintaining the awareness of it, moment by moment.
I am enthused to offer this series of lessons. May it build bridges of understanding, help make peace with Judeo Christian roots, open minds to metaphysical Christianity, and deepen the spiritual understanding that can inspire us to create a world that respects and works for everyone.
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry