Beyond Karma

The ability of the human brain to store, retain, and recall enormous amounts of information is miraculously impressive.  Unfortunately, sometimes information gets permanently stored that we would love to “dump.” 

High on that list for me are all the annoying, addictive songs you learned as a kid or endured as a parent.  Here is one of the mysteries of the universe: Why do we forget how to do algebra, or where the extra light bulb is stored, or the day of a dental appointment, but we can always recall with perfect clarity the good-bye song of that awful purple dinosaur Barney or the Mickey Mouse Club theme song? I know you are singing those songs right now...right? Sorry about that. However, along with those things that we have seemed to forget is the practice of...what you put out is what you get back. 

A law of the Universe that is best not forgotten. Join us this Sunday for a reminder of a deeper way to live a better life!

-Rev. Cathy Norman


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