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It's All In The Mixx

It's All In The Mixx ~

25 years ago a young woman asked, “What if I am here in Florida and my soulmate is in California? How will we ever meet?” I told her that I really believe that there is an organizing principle to this Universe and it knows what it is doing. It is called Synchronicity and it is not impeded by geography. The universe can overcome any seeming obstacle to join people who belong together.

Here's to the Rapture!

Here's to the Rapture! ~

If you’re looking for the rapture, don’t wait to be lifted up to heaven in an apocalyptic flash! Start by finding it here on earth.  The earth has some pretty cool elements of heaven already! When you watch a sunset; or come home to your beloved; or laying down in the midst of happy puppies, you feel the hand of LOVE reaching into earth. God has put all the elements here on earth for it to work if we work it properly.



Jesus advised us to base our prosperity on "Laying up treasures in heaven."  He also told us that "the Kingdom of Heaven is within us."  So how do we lay up treasures within ourselves? 

We do so by expanding our experience of our inner wealth. This begins by knowing God as the one unlimited Source of everything we want. It continues by knowing ourselves as rich in "God Attributes" - Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Aliveness. 

Join us Sunday to find out more about how to do this.

With Love,
Rev Phil

Become a Luck-a-tarian

Become a Luck-a-tarian! ~

Ah! What some of us do to become LUCKY!

I even have dear friend of mine who is a HUGE 49ers fan. And for years she has worn her unwashed 49ers shirt with each game that she has watched…actually, I think this year it brought the team some good luck! I hope she wears it on Super Bowl Sunday!

2020 Being Still in the Eye of the Storm

2020 Being Still in the Eye of the Storm ~

As we enter the New Year, it seems as though all kinds of strange things are going on. From the political breakdown, racial tension, environmental changes...the threat of war and the royal family dysfunction. Shaking up all kinds of things that use to seem stable and dependable.

It is, indeed, a sign of the times. But, I am not playing the game and I invite you to do the same. Come this Sunday, January 19th, and find the tools on how to be in the Eye of the Storm.

With Love,
Rev. Cathy


The Pivot Power of Laughter

The Pivot Power of Laughter ~

Did you ever have a bad day? Everything seems to go wrong and you are completely lost in irritation, fury, and self-pity. It gets worse and worse, until the final moment when, say, you have lost your phone and it is nowhere to be found. There is some critical point where it gets so bad the absurdity of it all overwhelms you and you can do nothing but laugh. At that moment you up-level your predicament, you see the cosmic joke in your own suffering.

Star Trek and the Future Pull

Star Trek and the Future Pull! ~

The other day I accidentally ran over a squirrel…and I felt awful! Quite possibly you too have seen these cute little critters run right in front of your car, without notice. What they do is run to the middle of the road and then they can’t make up their minds.


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