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Become a Luck-a-tarian

Become a Luck-a-tarian! ~

Ah! What some of us do to become LUCKY!

I even have dear friend of mine who is a HUGE 49ers fan. And for years she has worn her unwashed 49ers shirt with each game that she has watched…actually, I think this year it brought the team some good luck! I hope she wears it on Super Bowl Sunday!

2020 Being Still in the Eye of the Storm

2020 Being Still in the Eye of the Storm ~

As we enter the New Year, it seems as though all kinds of strange things are going on. From the political breakdown, racial tension, environmental changes...the threat of war and the royal family dysfunction. Shaking up all kinds of things that use to seem stable and dependable.

It is, indeed, a sign of the times. But, I am not playing the game and I invite you to do the same. Come this Sunday, January 19th, and find the tools on how to be in the Eye of the Storm.

With Love,
Rev. Cathy


The Pivot Power of Laughter

The Pivot Power of Laughter ~

Did you ever have a bad day? Everything seems to go wrong and you are completely lost in irritation, fury, and self-pity. It gets worse and worse, until the final moment when, say, you have lost your phone and it is nowhere to be found. There is some critical point where it gets so bad the absurdity of it all overwhelms you and you can do nothing but laugh. At that moment you up-level your predicament, you see the cosmic joke in your own suffering.

Star Trek and the Future Pull

Star Trek and the Future Pull! ~

The other day I accidentally ran over a squirrel…and I felt awful! Quite possibly you too have seen these cute little critters run right in front of your car, without notice. What they do is run to the middle of the road and then they can’t make up their minds.

Have a Jolly Imperfect Christmas This Year!

 Have a Jolly Imperfect Christmas This Year! ~

There is a best-seller book entitled “Oggy.” “Oggy” tells the story of a one-eared, horribly scarred pit bull who had been used as “bait” in a dog fighting ring. With nothing but a history of abuse and pain, the injured dog was left for dead when it was rescued and nursed back to health. Adopted by a family with two young sons, “Oggy” became an ugly, unlikely, conduit of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and wholeness, for an ordinary, which is to say, extraordinary, family.

The Birth of the Christ in You

The Birth of The Christ in You ~

Here at Unity, we not only celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We also celebrate the birth of the Christ in each of us.  What is this inner birth? 

It is the dawning on our consciousness that we are divine beings, and that our true nature is divine love, divine power of creation, divine wisdom, and divine aliveness.  How does this birth in us happen? 

Join us this Sunday, December 15 for a metaphysical interpretation of the story of the birth of Jesus. It has a rich message for how the birth of the Christ happens in each of us.

What's the Big Idea?

What's the Big Idea? ~

In the Jewish Bible (our Old Testament), there is a fascinating message for us today.  That message is what to do (and not do) when we receive a big idea.  We might also call Sunday's message, "What to do when you are swallowed by a big fish," which is what happened to the prophet Jonah. 

Santa Claus in the 5th Dimension

Santa Claus in the 5th Dimension ~ 

In the bible…Paul said “Let your gentleness be evident to all.” That is an interesting thought.

Christmas is a time for gentleness--unless, of course, you’re headed for the mall! Every year we hear about people…that have actually broken into fights over Christmas bargains. Others have been trampled on by an avalanche of impatient shoppers.


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