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The Blessings of Contrast

The Blessings of Contrast ~

If you find yourself in contrast, the Universe has the bigger picture and all you have to do is let go and allow the Universe to simply work in its most natural state of the miraculous…in its purest form. Because in all actuality…Do you think you can work hard enough to achieve in a lifetime what the Universe can give you in an instant?

Discovering the WHO that is YOU

"Discovering the 'WHO' that is YOU"

"Who am I?" is one of the most important questions you will ever ask.  Who am I beyond the distractions?  Who am I beyond the fear?  Who am I beyond the false beliefs and stories I have held about myself?  Who am I beyond what you want me to be?  

Join me this Sunday as we explore the idea that there is a deeper truth about you.  Your life's journey is about discovering that truth and then living the rest of your life from that place of divine realization.


Rev. Karen Wylie



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