The winds of change have blown,

swirling with power in their roar.

I have bent to them,

key parts of my life blown away

like the lightest chaff but I,

I found myself stripped to my very core

awakening, enlightened, inspired anew.

My pervading grief mixed with the joy

of courage renewed,

Of courage reawakened from my depths.

My strength surviving so I can help others

survive the swirling fury of change within,

change scourging and cleansing

change frightening yet beautiful

with its many possibilities for new feelings of joy.

And I feel encouraged to move out once again

onto life's path, my hand in God's hand

being shown the way to perfect health and well-being,

perfect peace in the assurance this new world

I now enjoy brings new meaning, new ways

to help and be helped, new direction and purpose.

I accept, Lord, I accept.

Author Unknown (punctuation added)

Submitted by Judy Pochini