Covenant of Membership Web Form

I understand and am aligned with the basic teachings of Unity.
I will make my spiritual unfoldment and relationship with the Divine a priority in my life.
I will do my part to support the church’s mission of inspiring people to realize and express their divine nature.
I will join my fellow members and congregants in participating in the creation of a loving, accepting atmosphere.
I will extend myself with loving warmth to newcomers to my church home and to those people attending whom I do not know.
I will include the church in my daily prayer life.
I will include the church in my financial planning, establishing systematic giving extended joyfully and lovingly.
I will serve as a volunteer at least periodically, thereby learning the value of selfless service to others.
I will speak with constructive purpose about the church, its leaders and my fellow congregants.
If I have an idea, suggestion or concern about Unity of Santa Barbara I will address it to the leadership directly through contacting the minister and/or the board of trustees.
If I experience personal upset with the church, its leaders or a congregant, I will seek guidance from Spirit, then speak with and resolve any upset with the person(s) involved. If I am unable to do this on my own, I will ask for support and reconciliation assistance from the minister or a board member.
I recognize the harm of gossip and rumor and I will refrain from behind-the-back criticism and “parking lot” conversations.
I have read, understand and agree to the provisions of the Well-Being Behavior Policy and the Conflict Management Code of Conduct.
I recognize that my presence and participation at church services and activities is a contribution and gift that enhances the experience to all, and I will attend as often as possible.
Together with my fellow members and congregants, I am co-creating with Spirit the on-going dynamic life of Unity of Santa Barbara. I recognize that together we create a thriving community with programs and services that blesses and serves many others like myself. Through membership in Unity of Santa Barbara, I honor the Spirit in me and the Spirit at work through Unity of Santa Barbara.


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