Did You Forget Something?

Did You Forget Something? ~

In the early 90's when I was dating my former husband, we went to church together, I gave the sermon, I greeted everyone at the door, closed everything up, got in my car and drove away. Completely forgetting that I left him behind until I was almost home. Let's just say, that didn't go over well!

Psychologists today say that human beings have an amazing capacity for mindlessness. Mindlessness! As we approach the Holiday season of Thanksgiving, I usually get calls from people worried about having to be with people they don’t like or stressed about how to accommodate everyone's diet or making sure the meal is done before the next football game....and mindlessness usually takes over. 

But what if this could be the best Thanksgiving holiday you have ever had? What if it were mindful from a very ZEN perspective? Come this Sunday and find out how to approach the next few weeks like the "Zen-Full" Unity monk that you are!

With Love,

Rev. Cathy