Event & Program Proposal Procedure

A Guide to Proposing and Preparing for Events
and Programs at Unity of Santa Barbara

  1. All events and programs must be proposed in writing. 
    • There are forms for this purpose and they may be obtained by calling the UoSB office (805-966-2239) or downloaded from UoSB website. 
  2. Submit the completed proposal form, along with projections, to UoSB via email or regular mail.
    • If the event naturally belongs under one of the UoSB’s Community Teams (i.e. Social, Funds Development, Outreach, etc.), please take the project to that Team first for review and to get others involved.
  3. Every proposal MUST include the names of at least two people who have already made a commitment to participate in this event or program.
  4. Every proposal will be measured against our Mission, Vision, and Values. If the proposal is complete and fits within the boundaries of our Mission, Vision, and Values it will be approved. APPROVAL, HOWEVER, DOES NOT GUARANTEE AVAILABLE FACILITIES FOR SPACE AND TIME REQUESTED. SEE #9.
  5. The proposal will be reviewed by Team along with Administration for several criteria, such as timing, competing events, appropriateness, resource requirements, etc.
  6. You will be notified of the review results within 2 weeks.
  7. If a proposal is not approved, the reasons for the decision will be fully explained.
  8. If the event/program is not approved it might still be considered as an independent rental (i.e. not associated or co-sponsored by UoSB) and the process for rental reservations can be found on our website in the FACILITY/ROOM RENTALS page.
  9. If the event or program is approved based upon the above criteria, you may then submit a ROOM AVAILABILITY REQUEST through our website to determine the best room and availability on our reservation calendar.
  10. If there are certain financial arrangements involved, the appropriate agreement will be sent for signature. 
Steps after Event is Approved and Calendared
  1. Once the event is approved, and facility space reserved and calendared, you may request promotion by UoSB by marking the desired promotion methods on the EVENT PROPOSAL AND PROMOTION Form. Announcements and table space are on an “as available” basis and typically begin three Sundays prior to the date of the event.
  2. Please make your requests in writing by email to linda@santabarbaraunity.org. This must be submitted at least one week PRIOR to the Sunday you wish the promotion to begin.
  3. You must provide a person to staff the table after the service.
  4. Adhering to all the above makes for a smooth process and a SUCCESSFUL EVENT! THANK YOU.