Finding Strength in Surrender

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.
                                                                                                                                     - Joseph Campbell
Spiritual teachings can confound us when they seem to prescribe contradictory instructions for how to respond to life circumstances. The affirmative, co-creative approach prescribes an, I can make it happen attitude. This approach applies the creative power of our minds to the field of infinite possibilities to declare and claim how life should unfold for us.  It is the power of intention brought to bear upon the unset jello of quantum probabilities that can bring a specific outcome into manifestation.  It often works because, as modern science confirms, reality is not fixed, but alterable, not objective, but shaped in part by our perception of it.  This is an exciting, empowering principle that can be used for greater good in our lives. 
The other side of this principle is a passive wisdom approach. The axiom for it is Let go, let God. It is the capacity to take our hands off the wheel of our lives and trust that an unseen Guide will steer us to greater good in our life. This can be a most difficult attitude to cop in the midst of a storm that seems sure to break us.  Our survival instincts and spiritual bravado would have us rear up and take a resolute stance to oppose the ill winds of circumstances that surely seem against us.
Understanding when to steer in the direction of our preferences and when to surrender navigation and control to the Pilot is not necessarily an either/or proposition.  When we understand that our lives depend on a synergistic collaboration between the Infinite Mind of God and our own conscious awareness, we can be as ready to take the wheel as to release it. We can intend for our good and move confidently in the directions of our preferred life, all the while holding a deep pervasive knowing that Spirit is seeking to live our lives through us and as us.  The recognition of an indwelling love and intelligence seeking to express through the vessel of our life experiences grants us a willingness to surrender, accept and adapt to the path unimagined by our mortal minds.   
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry