Guidance, Your Cosmic Broadcast

Guidance, your Cosmic Broadcast ~

Imagine you are in your car driving down the freeway. It’s a clear day, and from where you are in your car, you can see the road up ahead for the next mile or two. And let's say up around the bend in the third mile beyond your range of vision, there may be a traffic jam. And because you can’t see it, you unknowingly drive smack dab into the middle of traffic!

This is why traffic helicopters are a fantastic invention. From where a helicopter is – high above the earth  – it can see the total picture. From where you are – on the ground – your vision is limited. To the helicopter, however, it’s obvious that in three miles you’ll be stuck. It easily sees the road congestion up ahead and can also easily see other routes where traffic flows freely. It sees the same picture as you see, but from a different angle, and so its view includes things yours doesn’t. It has the aerial view, the superior perspective.

If you have a radio in your car, however, you can tune in to the helicopter’s traffic broadcast that will suggest a quicker traffic-free route, or advise you about more scenic roads, or how to get to the beach from where you are. Whatever information you need, it can supply. But if your radio isn’t turned on or if you are listening to a different station, you won’t hear the broadcast. 

Your mind is like your car radio, and the “cosmic broadcast” is continuously happening inside you. In other words, there is a larger perspective available to you – the aerial perspective

This Sunday we are going to learn how to use our minds to hear the cosmic broadcast coming from the infinite Mind of God. It is a guidance system that everyone has and can use at anytime. The wisdom and information from this larger perspective broadcast will help you navigate your way through life and make your most important decisions. Join us this Sunday!
Infinite Blessings,
Rev. Cathy