Here's to the Rapture!

Here's to the Rapture! ~

If you’re looking for the rapture, don’t wait to be lifted up to heaven in an apocalyptic flash! Start by finding it here on earth.  The earth has some pretty cool elements of heaven already! When you watch a sunset; or come home to your beloved; or laying down in the midst of happy puppies, you feel the hand of LOVE reaching into earth. God has put all the elements here on earth for it to work if we work it properly.

So don’t worry about the world coming to an end. Be more mindful of the fear, separateness, and suffering that the media loves to spout about. Maybe take a break from the media...then, instead of hearing daily about acts of cruelty, pain, and sorrow, we would behold a world founded in the kindness of love. Now that’s a rapture worth spouting out about! Join me this Sunday to learn more.

With Love,
Rev Cathy