How to Feed Your Soul

How to Feed Your Soul ~

Jesus' two main messages were:
1.  What is the Kingdom of Heaven?  (It's a current-day experience of our divinity).  And 2.  How do we get to heaven?  (We get there through deep inner change.) 
This Sunday I'll be talking about the story of "Jesus and the rich young ruler."  This is the story in which he said, "It's harder for a rich man to get into the Kingdom of Heaven than for a rope (not a camel) to go through the eye of a needle."
This story is not about money.  If it was, most of us would say, "Oh, good, this one doesn't apply to me.  I'm not part of the richest one-percent."  Instead, it's all about transformation.  Join us to learn how to feed your soul, your real self.
With Love,
Rev. Phil