IANDS Presentation


IANDS - International Association For Near-Death Studies

Meetings are held from 7pm to 9pm in the Sanctuary on the second Wednesday of each month.  

IANDS Santa Barbara is one of the approximately 70 groups, worldwide, that make up the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Everyone is welcome at this monthly group to hear first person near-death experience (NDE) accounts from our guest speakers, watch movies and video talks about NDE's or other spiritually transformative experiences (STE), and/or hear from researchers and experts in this important field of study.  

Recent research has shown that this leads to a better understanding of what actually happens when we die, confirms that our consciousness (soul) survives death, and enriches us with a new level of comfort with death and consciousness that can beneficially contribute to our lives and to our overall outlook on life.  

For more information check out www.iandssb.com or www.iands.org or contact Barbara Bartolome at 805-451-8646 or barbara@iandssb.com