Idea Initiative Proposal

Directions: Ideas are the life-blood of progress, thus, the UoSB Board of Trustees is open to review your proposed idea and/or initiative.

Please know that if your idea/initiative is approved, you are the one who will spearhead its implementation.

In order to assess the full scope of your idea, complete this form in its entirety. Please return the completed form to the UoSB Board President at least five business days before the monthly UoSB Board meeting.

You can drop off the form at the UoSB Admin office or scan and email it to  The Board will share their final decision with you within 60 days, or within two Board meetings, of receiving your form.

If the Board decides not to approve your idea for action at this point, a Board member will contact you with the reason(s).  (For example, the ministry’s priorities need to be elsewhere at this time.)

Click here for the form.

Thank you for your input and conscious engagement in our spiritual community!