Imago Dei

Imago Dei

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him...              Gen 1:27

Like it or not, we bear a resemblance to those who gave us life.  We come to emulate physically and psychologically the genetic and environmental influences of our parents. As much as we assert independence from the roots that gave us life and nurtured our growth, the fruit does not fall far from the tree. As I age, I come to see how a lot of my qualities, both wonderful, and not so much, bear the signature traits of Mom and Dad. While this is not profound in itself, our response to knowing this about ourselves can profoundly affect our spiritual growth.

If we go to great lengths to conceal or mask undesirable aspects of ourselves in hopes of showing only our good side to the world, the mask will inevitably act out nonetheless.   We know that healthy psyches embrace their shadowy nature.  As we bring these repressed traits into the light, we see them for what they are; no longer the monster lurking in the dark, but unacknowledged offspring of imperfect conditioning simply calling for attention.  We then are blessed by the reversal of our fear. Where we might dread rejection from owning these traits, we instead experience freedom and lightness as we welcome all of our selves into the family of love. Jesus invited all people, saint, and sinner, to the table where they could experience unconditional love. This is the path to our wholeness.

As we delve deeper into ourselves, it gets even better for in the depths we discover the spiritual truth about us. No matter who we think we are, based upon our physical and psychological makeup, it woefully lacks until we recognize our spiritual essence, beyond body and story.  This identity is the self that arose out of Life itself to be a light in this world. It is our true nature, the I am that is deeper than name or form.

Whether we believe it or not, accept it or not, deny it or not we bear the divine imprint of our Creator. You and I were created in the image and likeness of Spirit, birthed from the loins of unfathomable Love. The more we can immerse ourselves in this truth, the more likely we will unmask our true essence, the Being that gracefully flows through life no matter what arises.

Join us this Sunday as we take up a new series, Lessons in Awakening. We'll start with this most essential revelation on the path, that of knowing who we truly are.

Love and blessings

Rev. Larry