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INVITATION TO WRITERS ~ Inspirational Blog

We are moving through this period of transition and change together as a spiritual community. Each of has our own history about change, and there are likely thoughts and feelings coming up for most of us. 

We would like to invite those of you who are writers to share your experience, strength, and hope in expression of your divine nature to inspire others about what it means to you to be in transition and experience change.


  • Entries may be poetry, prose, or a short essay limited to about 400 words.  
  • Entries may contain references to negative thoughts and feelings, but overall, they should be positive and inspirational.
  • Each week one entry will be chosen to be published in the Inspirational Blog on the UoSB website.
  • Entries may be edited.
  • Send entries via email to

For more details contact the office at 805.966.2239

We are grateful to each of you for being the light that you are!