Integrity Is

True Confession Time:
Sometimes maintaining integrity is a struggle.
As a card-carrying political junkie, the last few months have provided an addictive front-row view of history-in-the-making in our nation’s capital. However, as a Unity Truth Student, my head threatens to explode quite regularly because of the lack of candor and duplicity being paraded by national leaders and acolytes of all ideological stripes.
So I confess. I am so tempted to jump into the fray of name-calling and snide innuendo. And it is so tantalizingly easy to discard my integrity and spiritual principles - just this once! - to snipe, to spout a snarky retort, or denounce someone whose opinions don’t align with mine.
As a member of a church promoting practical Christianity, I understand the importance of incorporating Unity principles in as many aspects of my daily life as I possibly can. So, how do I, the archetypical political aficionado, maintain my personal and spiritual integrity in these culturally abrasive times?
First, as a Unity Truth Student, I have committed to speaking only the truth. No matter how triggered I may get, I deliberately choose to refrain from cheap shots, rumor-mongering and disingenuous innuendo. (But oh, is my tongue mangled from repeated biting!)
Second, I remember we are all ONE. There is no "us" or "them." As the 1954 "Robbers Cave Experiment" demonstrated, hostility between groups can be exacerbated in the presence of conflicting goals and the belief in the scarcity of resources (including money, political power, or social status). Right now, there is a colossal struggle for political power and governmental resources in our nation. Instead of succumbing to "lack mentality," I remember Unity's belief in a universe of unlimited resources. And in the face of disputes with others, I deliberately look for our mutual commonalities and resist the urge to judge or condemn those whose opinions or positions differ from mine.
Furthermore, I remember that there is only one Presence and one Power in the Universe and in our lives, God the good. I rest in the Truth that, no matter what is going on in the world, God is greater than any circumstance and mightier than any condition. As a result, I trust God to lead, guide and direct not only our individual paths, but also those of our nation. Despite outer evidence to the contrary, I know that all is well, and that Divine Order is unfolding perfectly.
Finally, I recognize that staying in integrity requires rigorous mindfulness. I acknowledge how easy it is to make insidious, creeping compromises against my personal and spiritual values ... unthinkingly making that snarky comment, or blithely hitting the "Share" button on a cynical Facebook post.
We know that our relationships, organizations, community and world will continually test our integrity. Over time, those out-of-integrity thoughts, words and actions can eat away at our character and erode our moral character like a rust on an abandoned car. It's up to me to prevent that spiritual rust from setting in.
A few weeks ago, I invited all of you to T.H.I.N.K. before you speak, asking yourself, "Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind? Let's remember, even (or especially!) in the face of these unprecedented historical times, we always have the choice of staying in integrity. I look forward to your support, and I pledge to support you as well as we commit to staying on this spiritual high road.
Blessings to you,
Sharie Lieberg - Prayer Minister at Unity of Ventura