It's All In The Mixx

It's All In The Mixx ~

25 years ago a young woman asked, “What if I am here in Florida and my soulmate is in California? How will we ever meet?” I told her that I really believe that there is an organizing principle to this Universe and it knows what it is doing. It is called Synchronicity and it is not impeded by geography. The universe can overcome any seeming obstacle to join people who belong together.

Sure enough, later that year she was stuck at the Atlanta airport. Due to weather, all flights had been cancelled and she couldn’t get on another flight going home. So she went to the coffee shop and took the only seat available next to a gentleman from New York...who,now, 25 years later...they have been happily married. 

What seems to be working against you may be working for you.  And if something matches you vibrationally and belongs to you, it will find you by right of your consciousness.

This Sunday, I am going to share a personal story of how the law of synchronicity has been working in my life and how 3 simple Unity principles can make magical coincidences happen on a daily basis. See ya Sunday!

With Love,
Rev Cathy