Jesus, the Man, the Mystic

This Sunday while I am away visiting family, we are delighted to welcome back Rev. Karen Wylie. Rev. Karen spoke at Unity in September and she was so well received by our congregation.
Rev. Karen will talk about Jesus. Here's what she shared will be the focus of her message:
I will be talking about who he was in his lifetime and what he knew about himself that can teach us something about ourselves. I will speak about the capacity for greatness that is within each of us. Jesus did not know the impact he would have on the world during his lifetime, so what he did had nothing to do with the fame he thought he would receive. He knew his oneness and followed his own inner urgings inspired by his connection to God. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we can celebrate our own birth into a greater awareness of our own Divine identity as a beloved creation of God.  
This message sounds like the perfect bookend to our Christmas Season reminding us of the divine birthing process that is always pressing us to realize and express our Divine (Christ) nature.
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry