Let go of the shore

“Let go of the shore, and let the water carry you,” writes Karen Drucker in her song. Experience something from a whole new and different perspective. It may take you to a sense of mystery and awe. It may produce something of great beauty, or an extraordinary experience. It requires us to say yes.

Sometimes we hesitate when we are called to experience something new. Our fear kicks in. There may be a degree of certainty that things will not work out. We don’t have enough information, or perhaps we have too much information. Information can be like fear – a little can be a good thing, too much can make us put on the brakes and retract. We like to be certain, yet that certainty doesn’t leave a lot of room for Spirit. We need to find a balance that helps us move forward, and also helps us not make poor choices

St Theresa of Avila writes about our experience with God in terms of an Interior Castle with many mansions. The fourth mansion she describes as a place of surrender – giving ourselves over to the Divine – which is the best of us. It involves faith, and trust. In the three previous mansions, we believe that we are running the show. But what we come to know is that we are the show that Spirit is running. Spirit is the dancer, we are the dance. Our choice perhaps is what kind of dance we want to be.

We need to let go of our certainty, writes Carolyn Myss. We believe that we can control everything, including God. We have a need for rational explanations and orderly instructions. We want to believe that everything happens for a reason – but does it?  What if there is Divine Order and Divine Chaos? Can we allow the possibility that some things just happen? What would that mean?  Can we just surrender and let it happen? Is it possible to discover who we are by completely giving over to the Divine Mystery? To let go of the certainty of what we don’t really know, doesn’t mean that God is not there. God is.

At some point we have to decide if we are going to say yes and step forward, or step back. What we must know for ourselves, at the deepest level of our understanding, is that there is always a Divine teacher, a Divine presence within us to help us, to bring support and guidance to us in making the right decisions at the right time. We can surrender. We can let go. We can say yes and experience mystery and awe knowing that God has provided everything that we need to take the journey.

“Let go of the shore, and let the water carry you,”

From Unity of Santa Barbara archives Based on the Sunday, July 6, 2014 Unity of Santa Barbara message by Rev. Kristin Powell