Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit

Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit ~

Jesus says, “Come ye blessed, inherit the kingdom, prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

See the thing is, you’re entitled to abundance and success. You have actually inherited it. The foundation of the world as Jesus uses the term, means the laws of the universe. The kingdom is that within you that is your very own fountain for divine flow. You are entitled to the support of the universe in everything to which you give your mind and hands. You’re entitled to it. However, what happens when a life event surprises you?

First of all, you must let go of the old belief in poverty, along with the feelings of unworthiness. You must let go of attitudes that form an internal resistance in the divine flow. And, you must affirm for yourself, “I am a child of the universe, richly endowed with the fullness of all good. I’m a child of the universe richly endowed with the fullness of all good.” Because, in all actuality, your situation may not look good but there is good in it! 

Just for a moment, visualize yourself going forward into great success. All things working together for good. Doors opening to you. Wonderful things happening to you. Success and fulfillment for you. You’re on your way. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. So be it. Come join us on Sunday to find out more about how to have a Lifestyle of the Rich in Spirit.

With Love,
Rev. Cathy