Manifesting Your Success

Denese and I are taking some time away from the work we love and the work from which we need occasional respite. As the expression wisely affirms, "If you would bring forth living water, you need to spend time at the well.” We will have a short visit with oldest son and family in Seattle, and then off to the Big Island, which we understand has an abundance of living water. We leave our Unity Ohana in the capable hands of our staff and guest speakers.
This Sunday, September 9, Rev. Kat Knecht will offer the Sunday message and an afternoon workshop entitled,(continued here) Manifesting Your Success. Rev. Kat shares that her message comes from a deep belief in the loving God energy that is at the heart of manifesting. The concept of Manifesting is often misunderstood as something to do when you want to GET something. In her message, Reverend Kat will help you broaden your view of this spiritual practice in a lighthearted way, by telling the story of a little boy and his love of peanut butter cookies, which shows how manifesting can be spiritually delightful! 
Reverend Kat Knecht is an ordained Interfaith Minister who serves as one of the ministers for her home church, Unity of Ventura. In her book, The Soul Search, Kat weaves together stories of how spiritual manifesting works in everyday life. The book highlights ways to connect with the energy of love for your personal joy, professional success and the good of the planet.
She works as a spiritual business coach at her academy for women coaches, which is called “Soul Driven Success” and teaches at the Coaches Training Institute. Kat specializes in helping women fulfill their soul’s purpose through meaningful and prosperous work.
Kat and her husband, Curtis, travel throughout the country giving inspirational talks and presenting their workshop, Manifesting on a Spiritual Path. You can find out more at
Peace and blessings, and Aloha
Rev. Larry