Membership at Unity of Santa Barbara
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Unity of Santa Barbara is an open and embracing spiritual community that honors and welcomes people of all faiths, ethnic heritages, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds.
We are here to serve and support your spiritual needs, and our ministerial and pastoral services are available unconditionally to every person. We remain committed to this principle of unconditional love and support.
Membership in Unity of Santa Barbara is a choice.  Although membership may not be for everybody, many people discover that their experience in the community is enhanced through the dedication and commitment and empowerment that membership involves.
Membership qualifies you to vote at the annual election of board trustees, and on major purchases and decisions. Because voting members are stakeholders with corporate responsibility applicants are required to complete our foundations class, Unity Basics to deepen understanding of the principles that guide our community and its decisions.  
Membership is for those who are ready to make an express commitment to actively support the mission of this community through:
  • positive thought, 
  • compassionate communication, 
  • financial giving,
  • sacred service. 


Year optional.

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Unity of Santa Barbara Bylaws – pertaining to Membership


Every two (2) years in January, the Membership Committee will send a membership status request form to each member by regular or electronic mail at the member’s direction.  Non-respondents will be designated “inactive” members and so notified by the Membership Committee by regular or electronic mail.

(a)  Active Member. A member will retain status as an active member through:

(1)  His/her participation in prayer, worship service, classes, volunteering;
(2)  By financial giving during each year; and,
(3)  By returning the membership status request form every two (2) years in a timely manner.

(b)  Inactive member.  An active member will become inactive:

(1)  By lack of active support of the congregation for two years, either by nonattendance of worship services or classes or by lack of financial support; or,
(2)  Upon lack of response to the membership status request form.

Complete UoSB Bylaws available here

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