Mining the REAL WEALTH in You - by Rev. Phil Smedstad


Mining the REAL WEALTH In You -

A Workshop led by Rev Phil Smedstad

Sunday March 22 ~ 12 pm to 3 pm 

A workshop designed to support you in having the inner and outer life you want and deserve!

  • You are already rich – in the most important way possible.
  • You are fabulously wealthy in all the qualities of God – unconditional love, the power of creation, the wisdom of the universe, and abundant life energy.
  • The more you tap into and experience the REAL WEALTH in you, the more your outer life will reflect it.

Through lecture, discussion, and several gentle, yet powerful exercises, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Realize your oneness with God and God’s qualities of love, power, wisdom, and aliveness.
  • Experience yourself as a prosperous, wealthy Idea in the Mind of God.
  • Surrender more deeply to the magnificence and splendor that you are.
  • Discover how to have more of the outer life you want by learning how to transform your inner life.
  • Receive tools with which to continue your transformational experience long after the end of the workshop.

You deserve to know and experience God in your life every day. The more you discover how to access this REAL WEALTH within you, the more your life will become all you’ve dreamed it could be.

Suggested Love Offering: $25 ~ If this amount doesn't work with your finances right now, contribute what you feel guided to give.

Rev. Phillip Smedstad was ordained as a Unity minister in 1976.  He founded churches in Hawaii and Texas and led churches in Florida, New Mexico, and North Carolina.

He is the author of REAL WEALTH, the My Next Step cards, How Tithing Prospers You, and The Prayer of Transformation. Phil has taught hundreds of workshops. He brings compassion, a personal experience of everything he teaches, and a sense of humor to all his presentations.