News from Your Unity of SB Board of Trustees

March 2020 News from the Board

Your 2020-21 Board’s First Meeting

On Tuesday, March 31, UoSB Board of Trustees met by Zoom and appointed a new board member, Ann Self Lowen, for the term ending March 2021.  Welcome and thank you to Ann! We also elected officers: Alison Jordan (President), Sarah Graham Linares (Vice President), Kathleen Donelan-Maher (Treasurer) and Clyde Blair (Secretary).  

We currently have one board position open, so if this opportunity to serve calls you, please let us know.  Time commitment is only a few hours a month with one board meeting and many decisions and approvals through email. Our next board meeting will be on Tuesday, April 21, by Zoom.

How this Covid Situation is Affecting UoSB Finances 

Although we know this period will come to an end, in April we will lose ~$4,000 of rental income due to our closure.  To address this revenue loss, we are looking at cost cutting measures and fundraising efforts. Additionally, our Finance Team is reviewing the Federal Government assistance opportunities including loans for non-profit organizations.  Your continuing member owner financial contributions will carry us through these uncertain times.

Team Updates

The Search Team is excited to report that we have some strong candidates under review and look forward to interviews over the next few weeks.  We continue to affirm:  “We are one with the all-encompassing presence of God and are guided by the Christ Spirit within to attract and receive the minister who shares our vision for Unity of Santa Barbara, and has the capabilities to support our congregation in bringing it forth. Our future is full of promise and we are blessed.”  We continue to enjoy the continued support of our wonderful interim ministers. 

The Bylaws Team has finalized recommended changes to the bylaws.  The Board has given input on the changes which are now under review with the Bylaws team.  As soon as we have the new version approved by Unity Worldwide Ministries and after a final approval by the Board, we will send them out to our members for review, which will culminate in us approving the bylaws in a Special Membership Meeting (TBD). 

From the Social Team, Clyde Blair and Ann Self Lowen hosted our second online fellowship Zoom call this Wednesday, as we continue to find ways to connect online with each other and offer support, love, and Unity.  These will be recurring in the foreseeable future.

Additional News

The Courtyard Landscaping Project continues to progress including currently the laying of the pavers.  We are excited to revitalize our rental program in preparation for completion of this beautiful new space.  In conjunction, the Marketing & Communications Team continues to spruce up our website and enhance our marketing plan.  

The Board communicates with each other almost daily and we are always open to your suggestions.  We are grateful to serve our church in this expanded capacity and look forward to seeing you on Zoom over the next few weeks and in person as soon as is possible.  Oh, what a happy day that will be!  We are blessed. 





Older news:

January 2020 News from the Board

1. Search Team Update
The Minister Search Team is continuing to review applications and has conducted one interview with a potential candidate. There are some interesting possibilities arising and we hold our highest vision for right and perfect outcome.
We continue to speak our new minister affirmation: We open to Divine guidance as we welcome and celebrate our new minister. Our future is full of promise and we are blessed.
2. Openings on the Board
There are 3 openings on the UoSB Board of Trustees for the term starting March 2020. If you have any questions on how much time is involved being on the board, what are the responsibilities, etc,
please speak with a current board member. If you are interested in serving on the board, please fill out the board member application and submit to the office
3Strategic Plan 2020
Teams will be updating goals and tasks in the Strategic Plan Working Document for 2020. Also, any tasks from 2019 that weren’t implemented are being reviewed and timelines are being developed for completion.
Major revisions to the Strategic Plan will be assessed once our new permanent minister is on board.
4. Landscaping Courtyard Project is a Go
Such exciting news to celebrate, we have broken ground on the landscape courtyard project. Thank you to those who volunteered many hours to make our vision of improving our grounds a reality
5. Blessings Registry Update
Our Blessings Registry fundraiser topped $35k as a result of a generous gift we received in early January! A portion of that gift will be used to purchase benches for our new courtyard!
We are so grateful for this and everyone's contributions in support of UoSB.



December 2019 News from the Board

1.   Update on Teams
Our teams are active and doing great work. If you would like to manifest your magnificence and share in our community, then consider joining one of the many teams. Click here for more info and contact Peggy H. on getting involved at
2.   Search Team Update
The Minister Search Team is continuing to receive and evaluate applications. There are some interesting possibilities and we hold our highest vision for right and perfect outcome. We continue to speak our new minister affirmation:
We open to Divine guidance as we welcome and celebrate our new minister. Our future is full of promise and we are blessed.
3.   Functions of UoSB Members, Minister & Board are now listed in an easy to read pamphlet here.
4.   Thank you to everyone who participated in our fall fundraiser, the Blessings Registry, helping us raise ~ $23,000 of our $25,000 goal! Contributions are still being accepted via online at, with the Sunday service offering, or at the office.