News from Your Unity of SB Board of Trustees


January 2020 News from the Board

1. Search Team Update
The Minister Search Team is continuing to review applications and has conducted one interview with a potential candidate. There are some interesting possibilities arising and we hold our highest vision for right and perfect outcome.
We continue to speak our new minister affirmation: We open to Divine guidance as we welcome and celebrate our new minister. Our future is full of promise and we are blessed.
2. Openings on the Board
There are 3 openings on the UoSB Board of Trustees for the term starting March 2020. If you have any questions on how much time is involved being on the board, what are the responsibilities, etc,
please speak with a current board member. If you are interested in serving on the board, please fill out the board member application and submit to the office
3Strategic Plan 2020
Teams will be updating goals and tasks in the Strategic Plan Working Document for 2020. Also, any tasks from 2019 that weren’t implemented are being reviewed and timelines are being developed for completion.
Major revisions to the Strategic Plan will be assessed once our new permanent minister is on board.
4. Landscaping Courtyard Project is a Go
Such exciting news to celebrate, we have broken ground on the landscape courtyard project. Thank you to those who volunteered many hours to make our vision of improving our grounds a reality
5. Blessings Registry Update
Our Blessings Registry fundraiser topped $35k as a result of a generous gift we received in early January! A portion of that gift will be used to purchase benches for our new courtyard!
We are so grateful for this and everyone's contributions in support of UoSB.



December 2019 News from the Board

1.   Update on Teams
Our teams are active and doing great work. If you would like to manifest your magnificence and share in our community, then consider joining one of the many teams. Click here for more info and contact Peggy H. on getting involved at
2.   Search Team Update
The Minister Search Team is continuing to receive and evaluate applications. There are some interesting possibilities and we hold our highest vision for right and perfect outcome. We continue to speak our new minister affirmation:
We open to Divine guidance as we welcome and celebrate our new minister. Our future is full of promise and we are blessed.
3.   Functions of UoSB Members, Minister & Board are now listed in an easy to read pamphlet here.
4.   Thank you to everyone who participated in our fall fundraiser, the Blessings Registry, helping us raise ~ $23,000 of our $25,000 goal! Contributions are still being accepted via online at, with the Sunday service offering, or at the office. 

October 2019 News from the Board

Great news from your Board of Trustees!  On October 2nd, the Historic Landmark Commission approved our landscape and hardscape improvement plan!  All we need now is the bathroom plan to meet ADA standards, and then we can resubmit the building permit.  We prayerfully vision that all will be complete by the end of the year and then we can break ground. 

Your new minister search team has been hard at work tabulating the results from nearly 100 survey responses. Thank you for your input, which has been so important to this process. For a summary of of the Survey Responses CLICK HERE. The team has also worked diligently on the packet to be sent to Unity Worldwide Ministries, which we plan to submit by the end of October. Our next step is to review the applications as they roll in and narrowing them down to the applicants we wish to have visit us here in Santa Barbara.  
Our chili cook-off and fall gathering, dubbed "Chili Con Carnival" will be on October 27th after church and is being co-organized by the youth ministry, social and fundraising teams, featuring fun activities for all ages, so please invite your family and friends. 
And speaking of teams, please consider volunteering for one of our wonderful teams as a great way to meet others in our community and to support our spiritual home. Please share your talents and time with us. 
We are joining the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce to network with our community and to spread the word about Unity of Santa Barbara through their weekly newsletter to 4,500 Chamber members. Your President and Vice-President will attend the next meeting in a couple of weeks. 
And lastly, please mark your calendars for November 10 when we’ll have a special membership meeting for further updates and to approve the revised budget. If you’d like to join us at one of our Board meetings, our next one is on October 22 at 6:30pm. Please email if you would like to attend.


August 2019 News from the Board

Your Board of Trustees has continued to be busy over the last few months with one of our biggest accomplishments being the formation of our transitional team led by Rev. Phil Smedstad and Rev. Cathy Norman.  Rev. Phil’s strong and steady leadership plus his inspired workshops and Sunday talks have been an inspiration to us all and we’re lucky to have him.  With Rev. Cathy filling the Sundays he’s not here with memorable wisdom sprinkled with humor, our attendance is growing again as is our participation in events and workshops.  We are very grateful. 

As many of you know, Cheri Nagle has transitioned from her board role as secretary to being our Business Administrator, and in typical Nagle fashion is excelling in the job and diving in head first into all areas including web site maintenance and financial matters. 

And now we have a board vacancy to fill.  Interested members should contact Alison Jordan to be considered for the appointment.  The replacement will serve on the board until the next annual membership meeting. 

Our Summer Soiree was a success under the leadership of Clyde Blair and Luke Pinoli plus many many volunteers who attended meetings organizing and spent a good portion of that Saturday setting up, hosting the event, and then tearing it down. 

The social and FUNdraising teams are planning another event in October – A Fall Harvest Get together and Chili Cookoff.  We are currently targeting the last Sunday in October – an afternoon filled with games, a friendly chili competition, possibly live music.  Details are in the works, but we think beer goes well with chili so that might be on the menu!  This event will benefit both the youth ministry and our general fund.  Also in the works is another Blessings Registry fundraising event for the fall.  More on that to come!

As for other teams, we are seeing a higher level of involvement and we appreciate that and all who are participating.  The Board has switched some liaison duties around.  As you may know, board members try not to lead teams, but each of us is assigned a liaison responsibility.  Sarah Linares is now the liaison to the bylaws team and Clyde to Peace and Reconciliation with Prissy Barbour as that team leader.  Crissie Salas is fundraising, marketing, and outreach. 

Speaking of bylaws, Unity Worldwide Ministries wants to standardize bylaws used by all affiliated Unity churches. Going forward, all Unity churches will be required to use the UWM Bylaws, with modifications for individual churches only with approval by Worldwide.  Unity Worldwide has created a template and Chris Alderman is leading that effort and meeting with her team to adjust to this new direction. 


May 2019 News from the Board

1. Transitional Ministers
We are grateful to our wonderful new transitional ministerial team, Rev. Phil,
Transitional Minister Specialist and Rev. Cathy, Associate Transitional Minister
and the path they are taking Unity SB on in our transitional process. Stay tuned
for more updates and please join Rev. Phil’s monthly workshops. The first
workshop, “Claiming Your Divine Heritage” was a great success!
2. Update on Teams
Our teams are active and doing great work. Would you like to manifest your
magnificence and share in our community, then consider helping out the
fundraising team with the raffle. Contact Peggy for more info on getting involved

March 2019 News from the Board

New Board Officers
Our first Board meeting of the 2019-2020 Board was on March 12. We voted in new officers which are: Alison Jordan, President, Sarah Linares, Vice-President, Kathleen Donelan-Maher, Treasurer, and Cheri Nagle, Secretary.
Update on Interim Minister
We have been working with Rev. Carrie Kenyon from Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) who is assisting us in finding an interim minister. At this time, we are very close to formally hiring an interim minister who has significant experience and training as an interim minister. We are very hopeful to announce soon the interim minister and plan for the interim ministry process. Excellent guest speakers have been scheduled through April.
Click below for information on the Ministerial Search Process.