Our Annual Spring Fundraiser for 2020 has had to switch gears and seasons!

We sure do miss having the opportunity to interact with the congregation as we typically do each year with smooties, service and such. We hope that despite the lack of fanfare, your hearts are still eager and joyfully ready to continue supporting our youth program.

100 things that make YOU happy

In an effort to connect with childlike joy, we have come up with a happiness list for you to complete. A community picture of happiness will come out of the responses collected and will be shared at the conclusion of our fundraiser. Think of this as our safe way to all play together while socially distanced. Click here to go to the activity.

The Numbers Game

We have created an online Number Board with set donation amounts of $1 - $100. When someone selects a value, ex: $27, that option becomes no longer available. When all the values are donated, a sum of $5,050 would enable our youth ministry to fund new projects, it's teaching staff, holiday celebrations and much more. 

To pick your favorite number off the board and support our program, click here.

No need for games?

You just want to support our efforts? Do so by clicking here, mailing in a check (be sure to note "youth" in the memo) or calling (805) 966-2239.

 All donations are tax deductable.

Gigantic thanks from the Youth & Family Team!

Watch the story that inspired us 

Things That Make Me Happy ~ Making faces with little kids while their parents aren't looking. ;-)