Now or Never

Now or Never
Living in the now moment gets a lot of airtime in psycho-spiritual circles as an antidote to mindlessness, the 

typical human default attention practice.

Personally, I recognize how much of a time traveler I am, visiting the past, projecting my attention into future possibilities and possible outcomes. How about you....can you relate? I know this human tendency very well, and yet I am becoming more aware of how costly are these trips away from the present moment. Unless I am "here and now" with my awareness, I have no choice but to react from my conditioned mind. However, in those moments when I can keep my attention in the present moment, my perception is finer, and I have room to pivot. In that state of clarity, I am much more likely to see what is really going on, without the story, and generate responses that will lead me to the pearls of life.
You and I are here for a reason. The reason is, to Be here. Being here is the clarion call of the infinite Presence calling us back to life, to wholeness, to peace and beauty. The present moment is the portal to the life we have been habitually seeking a vague future time and place,  someday and somewhere. That life has arrived. Now is the time for us to cease from seeking the good life in form, and discover the fullness of Divine life that is within us here and now. You have this precious moment. No more time guarantees are given. How will you live this precious moment?
I personally want to invite, and perhaps challenge you, to make a conscious choice to attend as many of Sunday services as possible. Of course, you are always free to come and go at Unity, without guilt or judgment of any kind. However, the benefits of regular attendance and involvement are so much better than the freedom to stay home. Spiritual growth is a progressive process, and relationships require regular quality connections. Those who attend UoSB on a regular basis consistently report the cumulative positive effect of their diligent practice. Try it and see for yourself.
With you always, in the eternal now,

Rev. Larry