The Pivot Power of Laughter

The Pivot Power of Laughter ~

Did you ever have a bad day? Everything seems to go wrong and you are completely lost in irritation, fury, and self-pity. It gets worse and worse, until the final moment when, say, you have lost your phone and it is nowhere to be found. There is some critical point where it gets so bad the absurdity of it all overwhelms you and you can do nothing but laugh. At that moment you up-level your predicament, you see the cosmic joke in your own suffering.

Humor puts things in perspective. It is reflected in the tiny upturn in the mouth of the Buddha, for he sees the humor in the universal quandary.

As the late Ram Dass said: “Often the perspectives about yourself and the universe that you arrive at, make you want to giggle or laugh. This giggle is without malice. It’s a cosmic giggle, one that I identify with my guru, Maharaj-ji. For his giggle was not of this world. It was not a social or personality giggle, but rather a cosmic chuckle, the delight in the fun of it all. His giggle was from the plane that gives us the term “lila,” the divine dance of life.”

Laughter is a great health restorer.  The reason is because its vibration stirs your being into action, thus making it possible for the ever-waiting healing Spirit to get in. The Spirit of health, or as the doctors call it, the restorative power of nature, is always right at hand waiting for an opportunity to enter and to make whole and to harmonize all discords in the body.

So come this Sunday and have a good chuckle. Allow this Sunday to give you the chance to see the humor in any predicament you may find yourself in. 

Use the Pivot Power of Laughter this Sunday!

With Love,
Rev Cathy