Sunday Lesson

Message Sept.29. 2019 "The Soulsearch" Rev. Kat
Message Sept. 22, 2019, Rev. Phil - "From Sacrifice to Joyous Giving"
Message Sept. 15, 2019 Rev. Phil "The Power of Spiritual Community"
Message 09.08.19 "What is Your Financial Psychology" Rev. Cathy
Message 9.1.19 Rev.Cathy Norman "Invisible Acts of Power"
Message 08.25.19 Rev. Phil Living a Transformed Life
Message Rev. Phil August 18, 2019 "How to Feed Your Soul"
"Ask and Ye Shall Receive" Rev Cathy Norman August 11, 2019
"Relationships and Core Beliefs" with Rev. Cathy Aug. 4, 2019
The Empowerment Dynamic July 28, 2019 with Rev. Phil