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Meditation is the conscious direction of one's attention to the inner self. Meditation may be guided, in which a leader speaks positive, uplifting words or intones sound. Meditators let their minds flow with the sound or words in quiet repose. Other meditations are not guided, focusing on a mantra or simply clearing thoughts.

Steps to create a meaningful meditation practice

  • Try to select a regular time for your meditation.
  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair or cushion, wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Begin by relaxing your body and then turning your mind inward to the stillness, resting in the beautiful sense of your oneness with God.
  • Concentrate on your breath.
  • When you are ready, to turn your attention inward, shift your attention to your special phrase, such as "I AM.”
  • Empty your mind of all thoughts except your special words.
  • As thoughts come, observe them and allow them to pass through.
  • Expect nothing. Don't worry about how you are doing.
  • When finished, take time to savor the experience.

If you meditate and find yourself harassed by thoughts, feelings, and especially memories, don't despair. Taming the mind to listen means having to go through some retraining in the beginning. As you keep your attention on your breath, the mind will quiet down and you will eventually experience that still, small voice within you.

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