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Silent Unity is a 24/7 prayer ministry that has been available to offer immediate prayer support for people of all faiths, and from all parts of the world, for more than 125 years. From the moment a prayer request is received, the sender is lovingly enfolded in prayer. After a response has been provided, the prayer request is placed in the Silent Unity Prayer Vigil Chapel, where prayer is continuous, for 30 days.

In the sacred space of the Prayer Vigil Chapel, located beneath the light beaming from the cupola of the Silent Unity Building in Unity Village, Missouri, all prayer requests are enfolded in prayer. Here someone is praying 24 hours a day—praying as a kindred spirit, in the consciousness of oneness with God.

The ever-shining light in the Silent Unity cupola is a reminder that you are never alone—not even in your darkest hour. Silent Unity is as close to you as a prayer. It is the light that shines for you!

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