Pushed Out of the Nest

Ever see a baby bird pushed out of its nest? I'm watching mom and dad birds feeding and caring for their young. The nest is in our carport, and though sometimes I'm angry at the bird droppings on my car, I languish in the signs of life there.

The cringings I might feel at a baby being pushed from its nest, perhaps come from being pushed out of the womb. Whether natural or C-section birth, we are pushed forward from a warm home, where we are fed, kept warm, and hopefully loved and looked forward to.

It seems that we are pushed out of the womb multiple times in our lifetime. Often, just when we're getting comfortable with things, they change. The loved one leaves us, the parent dies, the job ends, age strips away what we thought was us.

I watch it in myself, in others, in those older than me. And it is so obvious that there can be something within that is stable, loving, warm... just like our original home. Maybe better. It is something spiritual (not religious), intangible yet filling. It calls us forward in life, to find and discover another dimension. A place and relationship that goes beyond the superficial. When we are pushed out of our nests, there is fear. But deep inside is also a peace, a faith, a knowing that, whatever comes to us, at us, against us, or towards us, nothing can touch or change. Nothing can kill that dimension inside.

My desire is to continue to find that still place. Continue to become familiar with something the world does not teach me--at least not the western world.

The best thing about being pushed "out of the nest?" I find Love, compassion for pain, truth, perhaps eternity.

Of course, I can become bitter and hateful. Or I can find love.

It's a choice, isn't it?


By Heidi Rigoli (2019)