Radical Forgiveness

Each person on Life’s path has something to teach us. Forgive them when the lesson is hard. And then bless them for the opportunity to grow.

We know that forgiveness is one of the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. When I am not able or willing to forgive, I keep myself imprisoned. And when I allow divine love to guide me, I find a way to forgive, and I free myself from those chains that bind me.

Colin Tipping, in his book “Radical Forgiveness” outlines a 5-step process of forgiveness, healing, and awakening. First, tell your story with all the juicy details. Second, feel the feelings – there is no spiritual bypass here. Third, collapse the story -just the facts - without the emotional interpretation. Fourth, reframe it. This is where the Christ in us arises. Know our wholeness. Give thanks for that “teacher” that helped us grow. And fifth, integrate the reframed story. Know the reframed story in our cells, and bring it into our very being. Celebrate it. Write it. Paint, dance, or sing it. Know the experience of Heaven that forgiveness has brought.

Is this easy? No. Sometimes it will be the hardest thing we have ever done. Jesus said it in response to Peter who asked “Lord, how many times must I forgive my brother? Seven times.” “No,” replied Jesus, “not seven times. But seventy times seven.” And we know this in our hearts to be true. When we hear a story of an almost unbelievable act of forgiveness, we are touched to the core of our being.

Who then have we left outside our hearts today? And what can we do to begin the process of radical forgiveness?

Based on a message by Rev. Kristin Powell