Red Pill Awakening

What does it mean to awaken or to be awake spiritually? 
Unity Minister, Rev. Jane Simmon’s recent book “You Can’t Sleep Through Your Awakening” offers many insights into this topic. Through simple stories and with clear, profound practices, Rev Jane guides us in exploring how we wake up to our lives and to our full potential. 
Part of waking up is becoming aware of how we are asleep at the wheel of our lives. We need help in recognizing the unconscious ways in which we repetitively react to life situations and to others. We need to unearth the underlying beliefs that cause us to act the way we do.  Beyond “waking up” to fully evolve, we need to “grow up” whereby we engage and learn to integrate our own shadow.
This Sunday we begin a 7-week series taking topics from this book to heighten our understanding of the dynamics of our own spiritual and emotional unfoldment and to find practical ways to awaken to our true nature.
Our first topic, entitled, Red Pill Awakening, takes its theme from the iconic scene in the first Matrix movie.  The main character is presented with a defining moment, a choice, either to ingest a “red pill” and be shown the real world, and how he has been living in a false, contrived reality, or take the “blue pill” and essentially go back to sleep without knowing anything different from the illusory world.  While the nature of this decision is not as simple as a two-pill option for you and me, it does point us to the contrast of paths we decide to follow in our lives, and the consequences of choosing one over the other.
Over the course of this series, we will consider the challenges and promises of the “red rill” choice, the path that leads us to greater awareness, depth of self-understanding, inner peace, and harmony. I look forward to taking the journey of awakening with you.  I hope you will keep up a steady involvement as you move along.  There is a cumulative positive effect of regularly attending services where the field of our collective awakening accelerates individual growth and understanding.  Let's wake up together.
Peace and blessings,
Rev. Larry